Friday, 23 September 2011

Holy Cabaret Batman!

Now fear not for I have not been having a Liza Minnelli movie marathon, I have in fact recently been lucky enough to go see the Batman Live Arena Tour. If you’re a fan of Batman then i seriously recommend trying to catch this while its touring. Me and Cherry managed to get not so terrible seats, see…
  Unfortunately this is the only photo I managed to grab as I was too caught into the show to remember to take more hehe. If you haven't had a chance to check it out then you should get yourself over to the official website HERE.
Right as for the show itself, It was really fun. From Jokers crazy antics to Harley Quinns…well, Harleyness ^_^ My only gripe was with the first confrontation between Batman and Catwoman. Rather than fight, they seemed to just release there anger through interpretive dance. The rest of the fight scenes were choreographed rather well. Like I said earlier I’d defiantly recommend it to kids and adults who are fans of Batman.  
I’ll be back with more stuff soon. With Halloween approaching I’ll be posting like crazy.

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